Introducing Kitchen Solvers of West Chester

Beville May PhotoI’m proud to announce the launch of Kitchen Solvers of West Chester, Chester County’s newest kitchen and bath remodeling service!

This will seem a natural move to many close friends who have supped at my table, contributed their best recipes to pot luck BBQ’s, and feted their foodie tendencies at parties at my house.  This career move combines my love of cooking and entertaining with a longtime interest in interior design.

All life parades through the kitchens in our homes, and it’s important to design a space that reflects the story unfolding there.  After all, your kitchen is the hub of your home, where you can cook for a crowd or microwave a simple snack, supervise homework or school projects, keep up with email, and sort through the snail mail that clutters up the kitchen counter.

Providing clients with the pleasant remodeling experience that is Kitchen Solver’s hallmark gives my artistic side room for expression.  Overseeing the construction and execution side of the kitchen remodeling experience also calls upon a lot of the same skills honed in past career endeavors:  having a keen eye for detail, keeping super-organized, and ensuring the client is 100% satisfied with the end result.

The kitchen where I grew up was like Grand Central Station.  Everything happened there.  Our home was affectionately known as May’s Madhouse Motel for all the crazy goings on.  The kitchen was a staging area for holiday meals that frequently counted 25 guests or parties for 100 plus people from richly diverse backgrounds.  Parties at May’s Madhouse were known for their delicious and plentiful food and the ministrations of our postman, Joe, who tended the bar with a generously heavy hand.  It also was the place where an orphaned raccoon called Randolph was raised, new puppies and kittens got named, and runaways from home could get a sympathetic ear from my mom, provided they first called home to let their parents know they were safe.  It was also a spot where science experiments boomed or went bust, and athletic gear littered the mudroom.

Oh, and lest I forget, we also ate in that kitchen, tucking unwanted peas or other vegetables in the bench beneath the scarred old tabletop!  You had to hide the food you hated since you weren’t allowed to leave the table unless your plate was clean.  Thirty years later, we confided in our mother about this trick, and found fossilized peas still in the bench!

Today’s kitchens continue to meet similar needs, yet they also need to accommodate our burgeoning electronic media requirements.  Many homeowners can’t imagine a kitchen without a television or a sound system piping in NPR, Pandora, or Sirius, and they need lots of outlets standing ready to recharge myriad electronic devices.  Kitchen Solvers’ in-house design expert helps you plan a kitchen to meet all these needs, and to do it beautifully to boot.

Kitchen Solvers partners only with the finest quality cabinet makers and refacers in the country.  These companies’ products are made in America, and they pride themselves on top quality workmanship and service.  Their variety gives homeowners endless design choices for the kitchen of their dreams, with a wide range of values to best meet varying budgets.

As an independent Kitchen Solvers’ owner, I consider it a privilege to be invited into clients’ homes.  We treat the client’s home as respectfully as we treat our own.  This is a signature feature of working with Kitchen Solvers which has transformed 45,000 kitchens since it started in the Wisconsin mid-west in 1982.

Likewise, we are trained to keep you aware of what’s going on every step of the way.  There are no surprises with Kitchen Solvers.  We are fanatic about keeping the work area as clean as possible, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction before we consider a job done.  In short, Kitchen Solvers prides itself on providing a pleasant remodeling experience for each and every client, and I am delighted to be a part of that process.

So, now you know.  I’m in the kitchen, cooking up a great remodeling experience for old and new friends throughout Chester County!  Feel free to give me a call if you’d like to whip up the magnificent kitchen of your dreams together.  And please don’t hesitate to stop by our website any time:  Like us on Facebook, !  After all, we’re practically family!



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